Hope for Youth through Providing Education

HYPE provides 21st century skills and tech training to girls of color. Through computer science education, technology career exposure, and significant leadership & learning experiences, HYPE Scholars grow in civic mindedness & global awareness while preparing for careers of the future

Our Vision

We envision a world where under-represented girls of color see themselves in technology careers and have confidence that they belong in that space

Our Mission

HYPE is addressing the leaky tech pipeline problem for women and girls of color by building a tech talent network through STEM exploration, education, and empowerment

Our Method

Exploration. Education. Empowerment.

HYPE Coding Camps, Career Exposure Field Trips, After-School Programs, International Experiences, and Leadership Developing Internships are centered around commitment to the student. Through exploration, education, and empowerment, HYPE Scholars not only experience continual growth & engagement, but they are also empowered to lead and influence change in their communities.


HYPE facilitates short-term summer camps, curates career exposure field trips, and exhibits at STEM days & career fairs to help girls explore their passions and how it might connect so STEM.

Exploration opportunities are for students, parents, and teachers alike!


HYPE's after-school education programs are designed to help students learn about tech careers from industry professionals, while gaining key 21st century skills in coding & computer science 


HYPE participants are empowered to use their tech skills, grow in global awareness, and establish a culture of civic mindedness through our International Experience Trips and internship opportunities

Our HYPE International Experience teaching assistants are HYPE Scholars who have completed one of our education-level programs. The HYPE Internship Program feeds the technology pipeline with trained & vetted talent. We implement a "train-the-trainer" model because of its proven ability to increase retention of concepts learned, and we offer Scholars the opportunity to lead workshops in developing countries to increase their global awareness and reinforce our core value of servant-leadership!

Catch a glimpse of one of our HYPE International Experience coding camps!