Small Choices, Great Impact

In 2020, I learned that we have the ability to survive and get through difficult things. This is a gift and a lesson that I'm grateful for.

However, 2021 showed me something even better. It showed me that the small choices that we choose to make daily amount to enduring impact.

So this year, we did just that. We chose to focus on these small, daily choices:

  • Believe that each new day would bring a renewed energy to tackle the challenges ahead.
  • Prioritize the leadership development of HYPE Scholars, interns, and staff members.
  • Listen to the concerns and the insights of the girls whom HYPE was created to serve.
  • Acknowledge that the fight to empower historically underrepresented girls with tech skills for economic freedom and mobility was not one that we'd ever win alone.

These daily choices enabled us to move boldly towards a goal of empowering 2500 girls by 2023, even in the midst of a pandemic that lingered on. It's why we now have a small, but mighty team working full-time to provide opportunities to girls in not only Georgia, but Alabama, Washington D.C., and New York as well. With students representing over 65 educational partners & institutions and 25 counties, individual contributors, and corporate sponsorships, and grants from national and state recognized funding sources, it's why we have doubled our revenue and are drawing closer to winning this fight for good.

As you read through our 2021 impact report, I hope that you walk away encouraged and proud of the amazing impact that you've contributed while fighting alongside us.

Thank you!

Kristina Newton
Founder & Executive Director


We believe that we can positively impact the entire futures of HYPE Scholars (and their families) by providing access to high-touch and meaningful experiences centered around education, exploration, and empowerment.


Deep Relationships

2021 allowed us to focus on depth of connection and establishing lasting relationships with HYPE scholars and the communities we serve.

Our depth of reach began with the pilot of an alumnae program called The HYPE Leadership Academy, allowing scholars to supplement their tech skills with professional and leadership development. With the support of partners from State Farm, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Accenture, over 70% of Leadership Academy graduates received paid summer high school internships!

Prioritizing Student Voice

2021 realized an increase in students helping us reach over 430 girls! This was made possible with 5 cohorts of The HYPE Project (our STEM education program), 2 cohorts of The HYPE Leadership Academy, & 2 summer coding camps

In addition to extracurricular programs, we prioritized student voice & influence. The launch of our #HowIGetHYPE social media campaign, created by HYPE Scholars, reached hundreds of students and awarded a laptop and $250 gift card to girls pursuing STEM. We also led a national panel on the role that mentorship plays in the success of BIPOC women in STEM that featured a HYPE intern as a panelist.


As a high-touch organization focused on supporting youth in grades 6th - 12th, the school building closures hit us particularly hard. However, with extreme focus from our dedicated team and your unwavering support, we were able to turn obstacles into opportunity that allowed us to reach students in new, innovative ways!

15% Return Rate

"Can I join HYPE again next year?!"

We never get tired of answering that question! One of the key predictors that our scholars will choose a STEM profession lies in what she chooses during her formative 6th through 12th grade years.

Girls experience a significant increase in STEM career interest when they engage in ongoing out-of-school STEM activities, rather than a one-off exposure. This year we saw 15% of our programs being occupied by HYPE alumnae! 

What this tells us is that while we've expanded into new territory, we haven't left our previous scholars behind. The increased confidence & enjoyment of our programs encourage girls to continue their tech exploration with the HYPE team.

Hear from some of our alumnae who graduated our newly launched HYPE Leadership Academy as they share the impact that HYPE has had on their future.

Mundy's Mill Middle School Partners with HYPE Shirts

67 Schools

We are excited to implement programs and provide professional development to instructors and school facilitators - helping us to empower girls in 67 schools and over 25 counties this year! The deployment of our curriculum and methodology amongst teachers and students statewide has allowed us to operate at a much higher capacity than years prior while also preparing teachers and schools statewide to offer culturally relevant computer science education.

Amongst the total students served, 53% are free and reduced lunch eligible and 98% are girls of color. With your support, we have been able to make significant inroads within a community of girls who historically make up the lowest percentage of computing, engineering, and technical career holders.

170% Revenue Growth

Through national & state funding, we also achieved 150% of our revenue goals for the year - which also includes over 170% revenue growth from 2020.

With a very successful HYPE Night fundraiser and Giving Tuesday campaign, we are honored to have been able to award $10,000 to HYPE Future of Tech Scholarship Recipients for the 2nd year.

We are excited about the growth that our organization has seen and the fiscal responsibility that we've been able to demonstrate as we strategically plan the scale of our impact across Georgia.

This is only the beginning!


This year, we were fortunate enough to strengthen our execution and leadership team - growing from a staff of 1, to a full-time staff of 5! HYPE's team members own the mission and vision of HYPE as if it were their own. With the added dedication and operational capacity of the team, we are able to continue growing our impact without reducing the quality of education or experience we offer

HYPE 2021 Annual Report (1)


Our team was also excited to celebrate at the Women in Tech Woman of the Year Awards in honor of our Founder and Executive Director, Kristina Newton, being recognized by Women in Tech as a finalist for the Woman of the Year in STEAM Education award! 



As we enter into the final stretch of the year, we recognize that our organization and our scholars have been abundantly blessed! Our goals for 2022 will allow us to go deeper, provide even more opportunities, and solidify HYPE's position as a major contributor to the tech pipeline for women and girls of color.


Alumnae Engagement

After a successful year of empowering HYPE scholars with leadership development and internships, we are excited to be launching our HYPE Student Ambassador Program to connect high school juniors, seniors, and college students to the power that they hold as ambassadors and advocates for good! Through their voices, we intend to multiply our student retention rate.

HYPE Virtual After-School Promotion (1)

Tech Expansion

Our tech-enabled online student & partner portal that will allow us to exponentially scale our impact, track data, and provide targeted experiences and opportunities to all of our stakeholders will be ready to launch in February 2022 for student participants! This online platform is key to achieving our goal of empowering 2500 girls by 2023.


Partner for Good

While we love what we've been able to accomplish in a virtual setting, we know that nothing beats the personal touch of an in-classroom experience. HYPE will be partnering with 5 Title 1 Schools to train staff, help them become STEM Certified, and most importantly give the real HYPE experience to the girls in their schools and communities from the teachers and leaders that they already know.


We appreciate all that you've helped us achieve this year and look forward to supporting the tech futures of even more girls together. A special thank you to our 2021 Annual Corporate Sponsors who have bought into our mission and have helped us continue to thrive as an organization.