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April 19th & 26th, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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HYPE Scholar Testimonials

The best part of the HYPE program is that I get to learn about powerful women that faced discrimination and using the HYPE Scholar Values to become successful. - Maddisyn

I love being able to connect with girls from other backgrounds, and being a part of a STEM program that is purely for women and young girls. The best part of The HYPE Project so far is being able to be a black girl learning STEM and meeting other girls who are like me. - Zariah

I love the team, the energy, the students, the student experiences where we meet different tech companies, and I love the #SheIsMe interviews, I appreciate them. I can't really think of an experience that is the most memorable because I enjoy everything.  - Michaela

I had so much fun learning how to code and building websites in The HYPE Project - Laila