We are encouraged and inspired by the girls that we come across on a daily basis. We choose to invest in them because they are the future of tech!


"When we invest in WOMEN and GIRLS we are investing in the people who invest in everybody else" - Melinda Gates

HYPE Scholarship (1)

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Eligibility Criteria

    • Current high school seniors and juniors (class of 2021 and 2022) 
    • Female student intending to major in a tech-related field (computer science, engineering, information technology, etc)
    • Underrepresented minority and/or first-generation college students

  • How to Apply

    • Submit a video including the following:
      • Your name, grade, and school name
      • Your intended college major & why you chose it. Please include how your experience with the HYPE Program has helped helped to influence your choice of major, if applicable
      • Share your idea for how you would advocate for women to be global leaders in technology and/or get more girls & women interested in STEM – be bold and be creative! 
    • After you submit your application, register to attend HYPE Night where recipients will be awarded a $2500 scholarship to the accredited college/university of their choice! 
    • Don't forget to post your video on Instagram or TikTok and tag HYPE's accounts 👩🏽
      • Instagram: @gethype_inc
      • TikTok: @thehype_project

  • Video Requirements

    • Maximum 3 minutes long (We will not accept videos that are longer than 3 minutes)
    • One-shot video without professional editing/production
      • We want to see and hear from the natural YOU! 

  • Video Shooting Tips

    • Selfie videos are acceptable and encouraged – you will not be judged on the quality of your video, and we welcome any and all submissions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about how to record your video.  
    • Try to practice before you record so you can speak smoothly throughout the video. We recommend writing your key points in advance.
    • Record your video in a quiet location with good lighting (ex: Sit in front of a window during the daytime for natural lighting) 
    • Record in landscape mode (a video that is wider rather than taller) rather than portrait mode (how you would normally take phone selfies) 

Time Left To Apply ...

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