HYPE Internship Program

Arm Your Organization in the Fight for Tech Talent with a HYPE Intern

Around age 10, 75% of girls show interest in STEM, and by age 14, it drops to 11%. In order to capture the talent and loyalty of a potential future employee, we aim to help HYPE Scholars understand and see what a career looks like. Through our HYPE Leadership Academy and Internship Placement Program, we collaborate with corporate partners to teach relevant tech skills, provide leadership training, and place HYPE scholars into career-developing internships.

Our goal is to not only develop our future workforce, but to help companies like yours by connecting you with our scholars to contribute to your business's overall profitability, diversity, and inclusion goals!

Watch the video below for a replay of our High School Internship Placement Webinar featuring industry professionals and high school internship program experts from State Farm and Pharaoh's Conclave, as well as a few of our HYPE Scholars, where we share the benefits and actionable next steps for beginning your high school intern recruitment strategy with HYPE today!

High School Internship Placement Webinar (May 2022)

"We've proven that these interns are coming into our team and delivering results that are [in some cases] better than our college students."

"Supporting these programs is helping us combat the war on technology talent."

"The greatest contribution that I was able to give to [my internship employer] was my creativity"


Why hire a HYPE intern?

76% of IT leaders have skill gaps in their departments, an increase of 145% since 2016. Making an early connection with future talent will better prepare your organization for forthcoming tech skill demands. 

HYPE Interns are vetted and trained via a 10-week Leadership Academy. Some of the topics covered are time management, financial literacy, and corporate etiquette. These ARE the students that you want to hire and invest in for your organization!

Employer Benefits

  • Widen your talent pool through earlier exposure 
  • Gain innovative modern ideas 
  • Workforce Development + Community Partnerships  
  • Support the well-being of the local community

Student Benefits

  • Job skills training 
  • Competitive Advantage for College and/or Full Time Jobs
  • Financial support 
  • Applicable financial management training 

Placement Process


Internship Job Description Support

If needed, a member of the HYPE Team will work with you to create the job description for the role that your intern will be filling.

Check out our Job Description Template and a SAMPLE Job Description to help you get started!


Intern Recruitment

HYPE will jumpstart your selection process by selecting 2-4 students who are a fit for your available internship opportunities. We’ll share the students’ resumes and cover letters in advance. You can choose to proceed with a formal interview or select your preferred intern right away. 



Interviews are scheduled based on employer and student availability. This can be done independent of HYPE’s involvement.


Placement Commitment

All internship selections and commitments should be made by June 3, 2022. 


Internship Orientation

HYPE is dedicated to a continual learning process and provides relevant and actionable learning opportunities. At the beginning of the summer, HYPE will prepare students for their internships via an orientation for all summer student interns. Student interns will also participate in a series of workshops to further enhance their summer experience, allow them to connect with one another, and be trained in additional skills that will be beneficial to them as they support you and your organization over the summer.

Workshops are mandatory, and students will not be available to work during these three 2-hour sessions taking place over the summer. Workshop dates TBD.