HYPE International Experience

Hope for Youth’s signature program gives HYPE participants the opportunity to apply their recently developed programming skills through facilitation of a 1-week coding workshop in an international developing country or urban city center.

In less than 6 months, our participants will go from having minimal exposure to computing and little to no context of a world beyond their 10 mile radius, to giving a coding lesson in front of a classroom in a different country. They will go from being a student to a teacher. Can you imagine the power that exists in this transformation? We can! 

The Hope for Youth through emPowerment and Education (HYPE) International Experience addresses the opportunity gap that currently exists in tech in multiple ways. Program highlights include:​​

  • FREE 7-day international experience. All expenses are paid - including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, food, passport fees, and a cultural immersion day!
  • Technology Skills Training: Participants will be trained in computer science and fundamentals of development.
  • International Exposure: Students who partake in the HYPE Int'l Experience will be introduced to different cultures. They will be exposed to historical context, social norms, and common phrases in local language.
  • Servant Leadership: As a pillar that Hope for Youth is founded on, HYPE participants will facilitate workshops for those who are lesser privileged and lead by serving others.