HYPE-Line Cycle
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Plug the leaky pipeline by tapping into our HYPE-Line!

The HYPE program pipeline is a multi-year process of engagement that takes HYPE scholars through exposure, education, and empowerment. Using this method, students seamlessly matriculate from introduction to technology to implementation of technology.

Many technology programs boast of reaching a large number of participants who are historically underrepresented in tech. However, if we stop at mere exposure, we will remain under-represented.

The reality is that there are a multitude of factors working against Black, Hispanic, & rural/low-income girls: societal norms, stereotype threat, limited access, educational inequities, homogenous technology recruitment pools, isolation & loneliness in careers are a few of those reasons.  HYPE practices going beyond exposing our scholars to tech, because we know that it will take much more to keep them on a successful tech career pursuit and pathway.

Our process allows beginner level scholars to learn with us; provides a fun, culturally-relevant, and safe community to grow with, and empowers alumni with technology adjacent skills & mentors conducive to long-term success. During this process, students are given opportunities to apply what they are learning in real-time and they give back to our programs through internships or volunteering. This helps replicate the cycle for future cohorts and grow the pipeline even more!


HYPE scholars will explore technology careers and concepts such as computer programming, web development, and user experience & design - to name a few.

Through live and virtual career exploration opportunities, both students & teachers can explore STEM fields and learn how to connect real-world needs and challenges with their passions and what's taught in the classroom.



The HYPE Experience stems beyond exploration into deep education and equipping students with marketable skills.

"You can't be what you can't see"

Through the HYPE Project students learn about influential women in technology and are taught by people who look like them!

HYPE scholars also develop technology adjacent skills such as resume writing, public speaking, and teamwork.



HYPE students are empowered to give others what has been given to them. The foundation of HYPE’s success is built on students returning to advocate for our programs and serve as mentors to upcoming participants.

With opportunities to travel & teach, HYPE students are empowered to replicate the HYPE model by serving as teaching assistants and facilitators of coding camps - both locally and globally!