Feeling called to a life of significance and impact, Kristina Smith leaves her career as an information management consultant and goes on a year-long mission trip called The World Race


Kristina joins the Adventures in Missions organization full-time and leads a fellowship program that trains and equips young adults with an interest in becoming future business leaders


Kristina joins the staff of Girls Who Code as a Summer Immersion Program lead instructor, leading 40 girls in Atlanta and Seattle through a 7-week program where girls are immersed within a corporation to learn how to code, are mentored by women in tech careers, and become part of a sisterhood spanning across the country.

Kristina also begins working with marginalized high school students in under-served Metro Atlanta schools with the Technology Association of Georgia Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) through a program called Exploring STEM Careers Pipeline Program.


HYPE is launched as a dedication to serving the students represented in programs like Girls Who Code, The Pipeline Program, and others like them full time.


Hope for Youth brings 4 members of the HYPE Crew to facilitate its inaugural HYPE International Experience for at The LifeLink School in Nicaragua