Peace out, 2020! I think we can all agree that it's been quite a year. While we could easily exchange stories of the unwelcomed things that came with 2020, I have to admit that I remain increasingly hopeful. Not only because hope serves as the foundation of HYPE's mission; but because the strength, resilience, compassion, and leadership of our students, our team, and our partners is something that we can continue to find hope in. In 2020, hope came in many different forms:

  • In mid-March, when the world shut down, hope was a calm that relieved our fears. 
  • In June, as summer plans were cancelled and uncertainty gripped our hearts, hope was a shining light that guided our paths forward.
  • In August, we were met with the decision to take a break and wait the pandemic out OR we could meet our girls exactly where they were and when they needed us most, and hope was the force we needed to press on beyond the challenges

As we reflect on the year, we are both thankful and hopeful. With over 400 students reached across 20+ counties, expansion of programs offered virtually, and $10,000 awarded in college scholarships, we have experienced one of our most significant impact to date!

Thank you for clinging to hope with us. I'm excited to share more about our accomplishments this year and our vision for the future in this report. With steadfast faith, a dedicated team of mission-driven individuals, and your partnership, we will continue to move forward - full of hope, driven by love, and void of fear.


We believe that we can positively impact the lives and futures of HYPE Scholars through facilitating significant experiences and providing opportunities for significant growth.


Scholars First

Our girls and their experience is at the center of everything we do. In 2020, their significant experiences have ranged from introducing new mentors and role models who are representative of our students to providing fun, safe, virtual spaces for girls to learn, grow, and experience real community.

Cultural Relevance

We aim to go beyond mere exposure to technology into strategically addressing systemic, cultural, and root issues that have lead to girls of color historically being under-represented in tech degrees, careers, and positions of leadership.

The Long Game

We know that being able to see the long-term difference that HYPE makes at the individual, community, and systems level will take some time - and we look forward to achieving this together. What you'll find in this report will tell the story of the strength of our team and provide context for the hope we have in our future.


As a high-touch organization focused on supporting youth in grades 6th - 12th, the school building closures hit us particularly hard. However, with extreme focus from our dedicated team and your unwavering support, we were able to turn obstacles into opportunities that allowed us to reach students in new, innovative ways!


8x Student Increase

We are pleased to share that amidst the challenge of a global pandemic, HYPE has reached more students this year than ever before! We partnered with countless volunteers and organizations to expose over 400 students to computer science & technology through our Career Exposure Trips, #SheIsMe Speaker Series, Summer Coding Camps, and The HYPE Project after school program.

HYPE Counties Reached

Expansion to 20 Counties

Due to our successful pivot to a virtual learning model, we went from serving girls in only Fulton County, GA to supporting girls across 20+ counties in metro-Atlanta, Georgia's rural communities, and other states!

$220k Revenue

With the support of 14 corporate partners & foundations (11 of which are new in 2020), we increased revenue by more than 180%. This revenue growth bought greater direct student support, including addition of the HYPE Future of Tech Scholarship award.


In 2020 we strengthened our leadership team with 5 new board members. With the added vigor, expertise, and resources, we move forward with increased confidence to tackle the next season of growth and scholar empowerment!

HYPE 2020 Board Development Photo


We end the year with an abundance of gratitude for all that we've been blessed to accomplish, but with 2021 knocking at our door we have to do more than just reflect on 2020! We're excited to share our goals and look forward to partnering with you to achieve them together next year.


New Programs for Alumnae Empowerment

With the addition of our HYPE Leadership Academy focused on workforce development, we will connect 50 HYPE Alumnae with paid high school internships. This will bring additional opportunities to empower girls with leadership skills and College & Career Readiness.

HYPE Virtual After-School Promotion (1)

Tech-Enabled Portal for Virtual Learning

We are excited to begin developing an online learning portal with levels of access for students, parents, HYPE instructors, and educational partners. This will allow us to exponentially scale our impact, provide secure virtual spaces for scholars to connect and learn, and ultimately reach students nationally and internationally!

HYPE International Experience Returns!

We will be launching a campaign to raise $50,000 in 2021 that will support the re-launch of our HYPE International Experience and send more girls overseas to lead coding workshops while growing in global awareness and civic mindedness.

Not familiar with the HYPE International Experience? Check out our 2018 recap video.

1000 Girls

Double the Impact = Double the Fun!

With the addition of our online learning platform, as well as hosting our 1st annual HYPE Tech Conference, we plan to reach over 1000 girls in 2021


Thank you for the support that you’ve given to HYPE this year. Through your partnership, sponsorship, volunteerism, thoughts, prayers, and financial contributions we have not only survived 2020 – we’ve conquered it!

It’s almost impossible to capture what this year has meant for our team and our scholars in a brief report summary – but I do believe that this tells the story of hope, resilience, and our commitment to going the distance with and for amazing HYPE Scholars across Georgia!

Thank you so much for being a part of this work, this mission, and this fight! Together, we can close the gender gap and ensure that girls of color (who have historically been underrepresented) will have equitable access and opportunity to thrive as leaders in tech careers.

The future looks brighter than ever, and we're looking forward to continuing to journey with YOU in 2021.


HYPE 2020 Annual Report (1)